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Why a Stethoscope Pocket?

POSTED: June 07, 2016

          I have been working in hospitals and nursing homes for years and I have never used any special place to store my stethoscope. Sure, like many nurses walking around with the stethoscope around your neck; there is room for mishap. I have lost maybe 10 stethoscopes during my time working in the nursing field. I usually will lose my stethoscope when I am going on break or if there is an emergency, I sometimes forget to grab my stethoscope. I have always worn my stethoscope around my neck and sometimes it falls off when I am bending down or trying to move a patient who is laying on a bed or table surface. I invested a little money in the prodigy scrubs and the pocket for the stethoscope is kind of cool. I really like the way the stethoscope pocket has this little snap that actually locks the stethoscope in place. I can do just about anything with the stethoscope securely locked down and I can even stand on my head and my stethoscope is safe and locked down in its place. I would say that the stethoscope pocket is gaining ground and I am a believer of prodigy scrubs and how they can help nurses and medical assistants look professional and do their job without losing the stethoscopes on or off the job





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POSTED: June 01, 2016

          There is nothing better than making a pair of prodigy scrubs to ship to doctors and nurses all over the United States. Today, medical uniforms are mostly imported for other countries because of cheap labor and lack of humanitarian laws regulating employers from abusing children and adult laborers. We are so accustomed to medical clothing and uniforms being made out of the country and it is almost a standard of care to buy clothing that is not made in this country. How can we make scrubs in the United States on a stitch by stitch basis, therefore creating quality jobs and revenue that is generated and spent right here in our own back yards?  Lets face it! We are competing against labor forces in other countries and that's why it is very difficult to bring our American Jobs back home with our families and our people. You can make a difference and start by supporting goods and products manufactured in the United States and that will help business close the gap between cheap labor and American made scrubs.



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Why Should I Switch Scrubs?

POSTED: June 15, 2016

          I have never seen a pair a scrubs with a stethoscope pocket on them and it blow me away! Most people are use to buying the traditional made in China hospital uniforms because they are cheap and very affordable. I think that everybody who buys a pair a scrubs are not all looking for the cheapest pain of scrubs that they can get their hands on. Some people are probably looking for something better than Made In China or outside of the United States. Yeah, I think its a good idea with having the pockets created to hold some of the key tools that the doctors use at their jobs routinely. I also like having quick access to my stethoscope or even the cell phone which can be a problem wearing on my scrubs with the case. I really like the idea of the eye wear pocket and that's what actually convinced me to switch-up and purchase a pair of these unbelievable scrubs. I like my little doggies and that's why instead of changing them, I got another one and added to the family. That's why I made a switch and bought something that makes me work and feel better on the job. 



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