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    See Basic ScrubsSee advance scrubsSee best scrubs












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                                                             Scientific Scrub Uniforms for Nurses

     More and more doctors, nurses and medical providers are choosing prodigy scrub uniforms. Prodigy is revolutionizing the medical uniform industry and we have a lot to talk about. Prodigy clothing is a fresh break from the usual boring medical uniforms on the market today. Now you will be able to interact with your work gear and you will fill more confident and ready to take care of your patients, thanks to Prodigy. Our scrubs and medical uniforms scrubs makes sense and there is logic behind every pocket and tool used to practice medicine and work in the healthcare setting. Most construction workers wear this big construction belt with all these little pockets and gadgets on them. They need their construction belt because they have to be ready to get the job done. Doctors and healthcare providers are the same way. We have to be ready to help our patients and we have to have quick access to the tools that we use mainly to provide these services to our patients. This is why Prodigy custom uniforms are standing-out and doctors and nurses all over the world are noticing that our custom scrubs are turning heads. We are providing a practical method of use with our uniforms and distancing ourselves from the crowd. No other company can compare their uniforms with Prodigy Scrubs because our uniforms were created to help you provide the highest quality of interactive services possible to your patients; by having a quick professional access to the tools and instruments that you use the most. "That's prodigy and we are going the extra mile to make you number one and your custom scrubs and nurse uniforms number one."

                                                                      Prodigy's Scientific Patent Designs

     When our scientific uniforms are made; you can be assured that you are buying a professional doctor scrub uniform that was made with you in mind. Prodigy is home-grown and we are proud to say that our nurse scrubs are high tech and patented science is not the only ones looking at  these custom scrubs. The stethoscope pocket is one way that the doctor or nurse can interact with their tool without any hassles and very quickly. Prodigy also brings to the table an element of practicality never seen before by the scrub community or any scrubs near me. How many times have your glasses fell on the ground or you left them on the table in the cafeteria? Prodigy cute movie cheap scrubs (medi-scrubs) will put an end to losing your glasses or misplacing them in the hospital. Prodigy custom scrubs are for sale and you can buy your next pair of our uniform scrubs right now. Our scientist have created the perfect scientific scrub wear for you and your colleagues. We wish you the best and happy scrub shopping for your next pair of scrubs. Cheap doctor scrubs is not an option for everybody looking for professional medical clothing these days.

                                                                           Stethoscope Problems Anyone?

     Introducing Prodigy scrubs which are a little different from the traditional cheap non scientific uniform scrubs seen on the market. Prodigy cute nurse scrubs were designed right out of the movies with all the custom scrubs. When you buy these movie star custom scrubs your are buying into technology and not cheap scrubs. Prodigy is a niche scrub uniform company and we are focused in providing practical scrub clothing for doctors and nurses. Prodigy scrubs has the best scrub design that allows maximum access to daily tools used in the healthcare industry. The most utilized instrument by scrub medical professionals and nurses (including the scrubs movie) today is the stethoscope. You won't have to worry again about misplacing and losing your stethoscope because we created a cute home for it and it's affordable and cheap. Prodigy custom scrubs is a mixture of scrubs and beyond and Cherokee who makes very traditional uniform scrubs for doctors and nurses. Our company is not re-inventing the wheel, we are creating better ways to make the wheel roll. Accessibility is key to any job function and buying the best custom scrub uniform.

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